Israel Adesanya Girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell Lawsuit

Israel Adesanya, the current UFC Middleweight champion, is reportedly being taken to court by his ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell. She is demanding half of his assets as part of the settlement, despite never being married to him or having a child with him. The news was disclosed by UFC fighter Sean O’Malley during a podcast streamed on Suga YouTube channel.

O’Malley expressed disbelief at the situation, stating that he did not know how their relationship was because he was not aware that Adesanya had a girlfriend. Sean revealed his disbelief at the situation, saying, “I don’t know how their relationship was because I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend, but to want half of what he’s gone out there and done is absolutely ridiculous.”

He also commented that it was absurd for Powdrell to believe she was entitled to half of Adesanya’s wealth simply because they “dated too long and she supported his UFC career.”

Adesanya’s relationship with Powdrell came to public attention in 2019 after she was spotted with him following his victory over Robert Whittaker. Powdrell is a New-Zealander real estate agent based in Auckland, where Adesanya also resides.

The case highlights the complex issue of asset division in long-term relationships that were never legally bound by marriage. While some jurisdictions recognize common law marriage and grant legal rights to partners who cohabitate for extended periods, others may not offer similar protections.

Published by HOLR Magazine.