Can you watch the Jack Ginnivan Drug Video online?

Collingwood’s Jack Ginnivan, a 20-year-old Australian Football League (AFL) player, has been banned for the opening two matches of the 2023 AFL season after admitting to using an illicit substance. The ban comes as a result of Ginnivan being found guilty of conduct unbecoming by the AFL, after the Pies reported that there was a Jack Ginnivan drug video that was filmed while he was in Torquay in January.

According to the clubs statement, it is likely that Jack decided to come forward and admit what he did instead of having the video leaked. A source allegedly came to 7News with the footage and the news outlet gave Jack the chance to address it first isntead of leaking it. As of right now, there is no video of the incident circulating online.

Jack Ginnivan Drug Video

The AFL’s Illicit Drugs Policy is a strict one, and the organization has been known to take action against players found to be in breach of it. Ginnivan’s conduct constitutes a notifiable adverse finding under the policy, and he has been required to undertake further education above the current mandated training on illicit substances and their effects.

AFL executive general manager of football, Andrew Dillon, commented on the situation in a statement, saying that AFL players are well-educated when it comes to the harms associated with the use of illicit substances. He emphasized that players have a responsibility to themselves, their clubs, and their professional careers to uphold community expectations.

Ginnivan himself has expressed his remorse and disappointment over the situation. Speaking to 7News, he said, “Yeah, just utterly disappointed in myself… feel like I’ve let 44 of my best mates down.. the club.. hundreds of thousands of people.”

It’s a sad situation for Ginnivan, who has shown much promise in his fledgling AFL career. He will now have to sit out the opening two matches of the season, as well as the remainder of the practice matches. The ban will undoubtedly be a significant setback for him, both in terms of his career and his personal life.