Jana Kramer Engaged

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kramergirl

According to this source, Jana Kramer recently announced she and Allan Russel got engaged after six months of dating.

In a recent Whine Down with Jana Kramer episode, the country singer opened up about how Allan Russell had proposed to her. “I’ve had a few things that I have not been talking about because, you know, just want to do it when I’m ready, and so I’ve got an announcement today,” she said.

Jana then continued the story by mentioning how Allan proposed in front of her children. “It was a really beautiful night, and me and the kids were all sitting… on the front porch of the steps, and just looking out at the view. And he said my name, and I got up or whatever and then he got down on one knee, and Jolie just started jumping up and down. It was the cutest thing ever, it’s like she knew what was happening.” she added.

Jana Kramer Allan Russell

Jana Kramer and Allan Russell

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kramergirl

The actress then opened up about how she had felt after saying, “I do.”

“We just both started crying, and it felt very sentimental given the front porch of the new house, new beginnings. It just felt right. It was perfect. We were actually supposed to be in Jamaica, but something happened with the resort, so we ended up staying here, but honestly, that’s exactly what I would have wanted, was at the house. I don’t need the roses and the whole glam setup.”

Jana Kramer and Allan Russell met on a dating app and made their relationship public in January via an Instagram post, People adds.

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