Does Jennifer Lopez- JLO- have Instagram bots hyping her up? 

HOLR breaks down the alleged claims.

Jennifer Lopez This Is Me Now

According to this TikTok video posted by user @sebastiansototea, JLO is a hot topic of conversation after some interesting comments were captured on her Instagram.



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As the TikToker claims in the video, it is alleged that her team is working “hard” to delete any negative drama associated with the star after the release of her This Is Me Now project. This is because fans have noticed that a reoccurring comment has been shown on her Instagram page which consists of someone claiming that they allegedly  “work at the restaurant. Where I had dinner today! She was very regal, I had the honor of presenting her salad.” 

The strange part is that this comment was repeated several times over by different users causing controversy. Are these bots? Some people have claimed that the star now has her team using bots in the comment section but this has not been confirmed.

Lopez has been getting a lot of heat following the release of her latest project, where fans have seemingly left negative reviews of the short experimental film that follows the star’s life.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support claims that these suspicious comments are bots, what are your thoughts on these alleged claims involving the star and her Instagram page?

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Image Credits: @sebastiansototea TikTok, @jlo Instagram

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