Sophie Turner just went public with her new man but rumor has it that someone Joe Jonas has allegedly been seeing had a pregnancy scare. HOLR breaks down the blind item rumors. 

Joe Jonas Girlfriend Pregnancy Scare Allegedly

Image Credit: @sophiet Instagram

Joe Jonas Dating

According to this new blind item claim outlined in this TikTok video posted by user @celebriteablinds, someone Joe Jonas has allegedly been seeing- potentially a rumored girlfriend- since his divorce from Sophie Turner, is reportedly pregnant- or had a pregnancy scare as reportedly exposed in the TikTok video.

Joe Jonas Girlfriend Pregnancy Scare

Image Credit: @celebriteablinds TikTok

Sophie Turner And Boyfriend Peregrine Pearson

Turner and her new man, Peregrine Pearson, recently seemingly went public with her relationship just a few months after her divorce from Jonas.  This new blind item claims that Jonas has been seeing someone as well and this person allegedly had a pregnancy scare or is pregnant. The news remains alleged and unconfirmed.

The blind item also alleges that this person Jonas has reportedly been seeing- who has yet to be verified or identified-  has been seeing him for “much longer than his ex.”

Although there is no concrete evidence to support this alleged claim that Jonas is seeing someone and/or that this person is pregnant, what do you think about the rumors?

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