Joe Jonas Stormi Bree Relationship Confirmed After A Mini Vacation?

Joe Jonas moves on from Sophie Turner four months after the Jonas brother filed for divorce from the actress.

joe jonas stormi bree

Credit Image: Joe Jonas @joejonas

Recently, Jonas was spotted at the Los Cabos Airport with model, Stormi Bree!

Appearing for all the world to see in matching black casual attire, Jonas and Bree still gave nothing away with their body language.

Are they officially together? Is it just a casual fling or a potential for more? Were they just travelling as friends?

While this surprising turn of events has people talking,

Neither he nor she have made any direct overtures regarding a relationship.

joe jonas stormi bree

Credit Image: Instagram @stjonaschile

However, both looked comfortable within themselves and with each other despite not being seen in public together prior to this.

Which suggests that at the very least, they have been acquainted with each other for some time beyond a professional setting.

So, how have they kept their connection so lowkey with Jonas as high profile as he is amid his divorce?

Stormi Bree Joe Jonas

Meanwhile, let’s get to know Miss Teen USA, Stormi Bree.

33-year-old Stormi Bree [born Stormi Henley] to parents Kip and Sissi Henley.

And she has a sister named Darbi Henley.

Henley is also an American actress and model who starred in a few short films, music videos, and direct-to-video films.

And appeared in the episode “Boyle’s Hunch” of Brookly Nine-Nine.

Additionally, Henley is mother to six-year-old daughter, Gravity Smith with ex-partner model Lucky Smith.

We also know that she is beautiful, talented and funny.

But check out the link for more insight to Stormi Bree Henley.

Sophie Turner Relationships

Meanwhile, as questions continue around Jonas’ relationship status, Turner’s own relationship appears to be going strong.

In October of last year, Turner had been spotted in a PDA filled outing with British Aristocrat, Peregrine “Perry” Pearson.

And by all accounts has remained happy with the direction her life has taken.

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