Relationships can be the most beautiful things in the world, but they can also cause a lot of pain and sorrow. Find out what is most important in having a good relationship and hopefully find the one.

Although we’re focusing on romantic relationships, there are key concepts that should be found (and are) in all good relationships. If you wanna learn how a good relationship is formed and what it should be like, then read below.

Be Friends First

Relationships often fail before they even start. This is because the two people can’t be with one another unless it’s romantically. A great relationship is one where the romantic part of the relationship doesn’t have to be there in order for you and your partner to have fun and enjoy an entire day. Of course, the romantic and sexy parts are a lot of fun and should be a part of one’s relationship (if eventually) but the focus of a relationship should not be the fact you are lovers.

Talk… A Lot

A happy couple is one where they enjoy talking to one another and wanna spend more time just talking. A relationship is not defined by what two people do together, but by how they are together. If you find someone who wants to spend a long time with you they must first be able to actually spend time with just you.


Any relationship is dependent on the respect between partners. Any form of disrespect will leave you or your partner feeling possibly ignored, unsafe, unloved, and unimportant. Respect is shown through actions and words on how a partner treats the other. A healthy relationship will have each partner respect the wants and desires of the other. 


Everyone has heard the phrase ‘communication is key’ but what does it really mean to communicate and what do we even communicate? The answer is quite simple and it’s not everything. Communication is how you show your respect for your partner. This is done by telling them how you feel about something when and where it comes up. The keyword is telling, not showing, the communication that works best is incredibly overtly direct verbal communication.

But what about surprises? The key here is forethought, as surprises are doing something without telling your partner and without asking for their consent. But surprises are fun, so asking for consent about a surprise beforehand is what keeps a surprise fun. 

The most important thing to communicate is your likes and dislikes of activities, ideas, and so on of both you and your partner. However knowing what makes you happy can be hard, but it is very important to your happiness, it also helps foster a healthy mindset. Click here to learn more about fostering a healthy mindset.

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