Candice King Confirms New Boyfriend, Originals Star Steven Krueger

Former Vampire Diaries‘ Candice King seemingly goes “social media” official with Steven Krueger.

candice king steven krueger

Credit Image: TikTok itscandiceking

And it all started with a post, a montage of King’s favourite 2023 moments which included a snap of King kissing Krueger!!!

Steven Krueger played Josh Rosza on the Vampire Diaries spin off ‘The Originals.’

The caption was simple yet frustratingly uniforming. “I laughed. I cried. I laughed til I cried. I loved,” Candice captioned her post. “Thanks for the dance 2023.”

Candice King Instagram

However, somehow social media users always seem to find some way to “see” a romance when it really is just fun times.

And as always you get your Caroline shippers and the usual haters but really it was all love from fans.

One such user was quick to summon Klaus. “Joshh!!! Klaus is coming for your head!” read this one post.

Another wrote, “WHAT DID I JUST SEE !?!?!!!!!” and honestly we can relate.

But one fan kind of summed up the general shock though. “Caroline and Josh were not on my 2023 bingo card but I’m here for it 😍”

And of course, leave it to social media to find a way to slip some Taylor Swift in there.

“Candice had the chance to do the most Swiftie thing ever and she did it😭🎀”

Come on people, we love a good Swiftie moment, but love doesn’t begin and end with Taylor Swift, even if she is the Queen of it.

But shock and general shippers were the sole content on this post but it’s nice that even after all this time, the vampire diaries universe is still loyal to Caroline.

Candice King Children

While we always hold out hope that Caroline Forbes will get her forever one day, we’ll just wait for her to tell us herself.

But neither King nor Steven Krueger have confirmed a relationship directly.

Meanwhile, Candice still co-parents her two daughters with ex-husband Joe King, Florence, 8, and Josephine, 3.

candice king children

Credit Image: Candice King @candiceking

Love that 2023 has been good to you, Candice.

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