Toronto mayor John Tory previously admitted to having an affair with a former staff member. HOLR is breaking down the updated new surrounding scandal.

John Tory is a hot topic of discussion after the Toronto mayor addressed the city to state that he would be resigning as a result of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a former staff member.

John Tory Resignation

John Tory, mayor of Toronto, is stepping down after publically admitting to having an affair with a former staff member. Although Tory did not state the name of the former employee he had the affair with, users online began to speculate and may have allegedly determined who the woman might be.

In speaking out about the affair, Tory only stated that the relationship “ended mutually by consent this year”. 

John Tory Age

John Tory is 68 years old. The woman he reportedly had an affair with is allegedly 31 years old.

John Tory Staff 

News surrounding which member of John Tory’s staff the mayor had an affair with has been circulating. Many users allegedly believe the staff member is allegedly Emily Hillstrom, the daughter of a respected community leader who was Tory’s tour advisor for his EU mission in 2019.”

Hillstrom is 31 years of age and has since moved on from her previous position as a City of Toronto staffer. She is now reportedly working as  “Associate Director, Campaign and Special Projects, for MLSE – Scarborough Health Network Foundation & Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.” Keep in mind this news regarding who the woman involved in the affair is has not been confirmed yet.

emily hillstrom

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John Tory 31 Year Old Staffer Reddit

Two days ago, a Reddit discussion thread gained popularity for posting about the Toronto Star’s article which detailed the moments leading up to Tory’s resignation. It mentions, “members of the mayor’s inner circle” were reportedly shocked over the “scandal that almost no one saw coming.”

Comments within the Reddit thread discussed the incident at hand. Some questioned who leaked the story to the Star while others are convinced that this scandal is a cover-up and that the duo’s relationship was apparent to others around them (as opposed to being a secret).

“There are photos of them attending social events together. Everyone knew about the relationship. This is pure cover for something else (like Doug Ford’s bribes from developers).” – Reddit user

Other Reddit threads discussing the affair are filled with user comments stating their opinions on the situation.

Check out some of the comments regarding John Tory and the affair below:

“I agree it’s quite shocking. I don’t love the guy, but he did a pretty good job of keeping a squeaky clean image.” – Reddit user

“I’ll give him a tiny bit of credit for resigning. ‘Most would ride it out. Makes you wonder how bad and greasy the details are.” – Reddit user

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