Toronto Mayor John Tory just resigned, following the admittance of an affair with a staff member.

Toronto mayor John Tory just stepped down on Friday after admitting to having an inappropriate relationship with a staff member, shocking the city and community.

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Tory addressed the public yesterday stating he would resign after admitting to having an affair with a former member staff. According to this article, he alleged their affair began during the pandemic and was “ended mutually by consent this year”.

Tory stated the affair was “a serious error in judgment.”

Tory was elected in 2014 and then re-elected again in 2018. He also managed to win a third term in 2022. When addressing the city of Toronto, Tory said this, “I deeply regret having to step away from a job that I love in a city that I love even more. I believe, in my heart, it is best to fully commit myself to the work that is required to repair these most important (family) relationships as well.”

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During his resignation, Tory addressed his family. “I am deeply sorry, and I apologize unreservedly to the people of Toronto, and to all of those hurt by my actions. Most of all, I apologize to my wife, Barb, and to my family who I’ve let down more than anyone else,” Tory stated.

Tory and his wife, Barbara Hackett, have been married for over 40 years, since 1978.

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Tory did not identify the staff member he had the affair with, although people online have been speculating who it might be. According to this article, the alleged woman that Tory admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with reportedly might be Emily Hillstrom, 31. As mentioned in the article, Hillstrom is the daughter of a respected community leader.

It’s important to note that news regarding who the unnamed employee from the affair might be have not yet been confirmed.

The article seemingly claims that “Hillstrom was Tory’s tour advisor for his EU mission in 2019” in which she “traveled with Tory as a part of his staff on an EU mission from October 5 to 14 in 2019.” She is now said to be working at another job as “Associate Director, Campaign and Special Projects, for MLSE – Scarborough Health Network Foundation & Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.”

This article details the $50,000 city junket to seven European cities in which Mayor John Tory, economic development committee chairman Michael Thompson, Councillor Jennifer McKelvie (or some combination of the three) visited seven cities between Oct. 5-13, as outlined in a 12-page report mentioned in the article. During the trip, the article claims that Tory was reportedly accompanied by two senior advisers in his office- Matt Buckman and Emily Hillstrom.

As previously stated, when revealing details about the affair, the former mayor of Toronto only stated that the affair ended “mutually by consent” earlier in 2023.

According to this article, a by-election will determine who will take over as mayor of Toronto.

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