Duggar News: Josh Duggar Love Interest In Prison

Josh Duggar, a former reality TV star and married father of seven children, has reportedly found love with another inmate while behind bars. According to a source, Duggar obtained a phone so he could communicate with his lover, who is reportedly a transgender (male-to-female) inmate at the same facility. While it’s not uncommon for inmates to form connections when isolated behind bars, Duggar’s relationship has caused issues with other inmates as he has not kept it a secret. A photo has also been circulating of Duggar kissing a male visitor, although it’s unclear who the person is. Duggar’s wife Anna was aware that he had obtained a phone and had spoken to him on it, but he reportedly warned her to keep quiet about it as it was illegal. Many fans of the Duggar family are shocked and horrified by these revelations.

Josh Duggar Love interest

For those unfamiliar with Josh Duggar, he was one of the stars of the reality TV show “19 Kids and Counting,” which followed the lives of the Duggar family, known for their conservative Christian values and large number of children. In 2015, Duggar’s past history of molesting his younger sisters and another girl came to light, leading to the cancellation of the show. He also admitted to being addicted to pornography and cheating on his wife Anna. In 2019, he was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography and is currently serving a 20-year sentence.

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