Josh Peck Calls Out Ex-Nickelodeon Colleague Janette McCurdy For Scrapped Podcast Episode

Josh Peck calls out Janette McCurdy for her behaviour after she asked Peck and his co-host to scrap the podcast episode she was featured on.

‘Good Guys,’ was set to have Janette McCurdy as a guest where they spoke about her memoir, ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died.’


‘She Owes Us’

For context, Peck had internet influencer, Tana Mongeau on the podcast where Janette’s memoir was brought up.

To this, Peck explained how proud he was of his Nickelodeon alumni, but then dished out on their last interaction which was supposed to result in a podcast,


“She was our first ever guest, like, the day that she released her book. She came on, it was an amazing get for us, We were truly good guys, unbelievable interview, spoke about everything that she wanted to, nothing that she didn’t want to. It ended, and she told us not to run it.” Pecks co-host, Ben Soffers explains.

“There is a small update that happened yesterday. So, us being the good guys we are, said ‘Jennette, no problem, we’ll kill it. Do you wanna come back on?’ No response.” Peck says.

What caused the backlash from the internet was the way Peck claimed that Janette ‘Owed them’ for the wasted time.

Via Youtube: Josh Peck

“So four or five months later, we got [Tana], we got [Hilary Duff], we’re killing it…” Josh continued. “Let me check in, she owes us. All I wrote to Jennette after six months was, ‘Hi, hi’. I got a green bubble, Am I blocked? I think I might be blocked…or she was on a 12-hour flight. Here’s hoping.”

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