According to alleged multiple news outlets, Justin Bieber reportedly reached out to Selena Gomez recently to have her help defend his wife, Hailey. 

Apparently, Justin was the one to reach out to Selena after his wife Hailey started receiving a ton of backlash online.

Justin Bieber Reaches Out To Selena Gomez

Check out this TikTok from @thekylemarisa detailing the alleged news, below.


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♬ Hands To Myself – Selena Gomez

According to the above TikTok, Justin allegedly reached out to Selena to have her tell her fans to stop bullying Hailey. This has reportedly been confirmed by third parties who have noted that it was supposedly actually Justin- not Hailey- who reached out to Selena.

Selena previously stated that it was Hailey who personally reached out to her, but this is seemingly not the case as reported by other news outlets.

selena gomez Instagram

Image Credit: @selenagomez Instagram

Fans had a lot to say about this news in the TikTok video’s comments.  Check out some theories about why Justin would supposedly want to call Selena, below:

Image Credits: @thekylemarisa TikTok

What do you think- did Justin just want an excuse to reach out to Selena after all these years?

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