Why is Justkingphoebe going viral online? HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

Justkingphoebe Viral Video Scandal

A viral video allegedly involving Justkingphoebe (AKA Phoebe Odekina Esohe Ejura) is seemingly going viral online. This news first broke in late 2023 as noted in this related article, although other publications are picking up the story now as the viral video continues to make headlines in 2024.

Justkingphoebe Viral Video

Supposedly, there is a viral video making its rounds online that reportedly contains explicit content. Although the woman in the video remains unidentified, some people believe the person in the video to be the content creator, Justking Phoebe.

Justkingphoebe TikTok

HOLR will not be linking the video as it supposedly contains explicit content, but after rumors began running rampant online, Justkingphoebe took to her audience to shut down claims. As this article notes, Justkingphoebe made a video to address the allegations, maintaining that she was not the person shown in the video going viral online.

As a result, the woman in the viral video clip remains a mystery.

What do you think about these rumors continuing to run rampant online even after Justkingphoebe’s statements?

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