Still together? Megan and MGK were spotted together in Hawaii amid breakup rumors.

According to TMZ, Megan Fox and MGK were seen hanging out together in Hawaii on Monday evening, even though they have allegedly broken up. Insiders told TMZ that Megan and MGK had dinner together at the Four Seasons Hotel and enjoyed a walk on the beach. However, they were not seen kissing or being affectionate, which is unusual given their relationship dynamic.

Megan Fox and MGK in Hawaii

Photo Credits: TMZ

Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly

The actress and the singer got engaged in 2022 but have put the wedding plans on pause as they have experienced some rough times in the relationship. Earlier this year, Megan Fox hinted at a potential break as she posted a picture on Instagram that was captioned with Pray You’ll Catch Me Beyonce’s lyrics. You can taste the dishonesty/it’s all over your breath’, she wrote.

Photo Credits: Instagram / @meganfox

Later on, she addressed the cheating allegations on her Instagram account by denying any “third party interference”.

Megan Fox MGK: Still together?

Recently, an insider opened up about the relationship to People. According to the source, they “always had kind of a tumultuous relationship”. “Only time will tell if they get back together properly, but it looks pretty unlikely right now.” the source mentioned. “Megan was thrilled when they got engaged, though. She really loves him,” they continued. “She was never one to casually date, so she put her whole heart into their relationship. She isn’t happy now, though. She took her engagement ring off a while ago, and it’s not back on.”

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