Who went home on the latest episode of The Bachelor? HOLR breaks it down.

The Bachelor Maria

According to this related article, there are only 6 women left competing for Joey’s heart in the latest season of the Bachelor. During this week’s episode, we saw the women take on Montreal, Canada with Joey as they embark on their journey to find love.

Kelsey T. and Maria secured one one-on-one dates with Joey while the rest of the girls got a group date. During the group date, emotions are high and feelings begin to get more real as Joey further narrows down the group. For instance, he chooses to walk Jess out as he feels as though he allegedly hasn’t been able to build as strong as emotional bond with her.

In another instance, Lexi chooses to leave the show in order to try for children.

Who went home on The Bachelor tonight?

Kelsey T. and Maria both get roses on their solo dates and during the rose ceremony, Joey sends him Lea and Katelyn.

Lea Bachelor Drama

Social media is going wild after the camera angle suddenly cuts to Maria- who Lea had drama with- after Lea’s farewell limo ride following her elimination. Check it out in this clip posted by user @katiebk91. Lea and Maria had drama in recent episodes but the internet has seemingly taken Maria’s side.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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