From appearing on Dancing with the Stars to being the Bachelorette and hosting an uber-popular podcast, Off the Vine, Kaitlyn Bristowe has found the perfect solution to sweat inducing situations.

The entrepreneur, entertainer and co-host for the upcoming season of the Bachelorette has recently partnered with Schmidt’s on their natural deodorant line, which actually works!

As someone who is on the eternal hunt for a natural deodorant that is effective, Schmidt’s has created the holy grail. Kaitlyn recently discussed her love of the line and the topic of FOBO (Fear of Body Odour) with us. She has partnered with Schmidt’s to combat FOBO and having now tried the deodorant myself, I have to say it really is a game changer!

After making the switch to natural deodorants, Kaitlyn admits that it took her a long time to find one that works for her. “I’m really glad that I landed on Schmidt’s, it works and it smells so fresh.” We all know how important scent is with 94% of women saying scent it is of important to them but scent also has the power to evoke memories. Schmidt’s has recently released two new fragrances that smell divine. Sandalwood & Citrus and Coconut & Pineapple, which is Kaitlyn’s favourite. “Maui is one of my favourite places on Earth and when you land there’s such a a distinct smell and this deodorant scent reminds me of just that.”

While all of the Schmidt’s natural deodorant’s smell delicious, the best part is that they’re all effective for up to 24 hours. So whether you’re working from home and stationary, or going for a run, you need not worry, because this is a natural deodorant that will keep you fresh all day long. Having recently competed on Dancing with the Stars (and won!) Kaitlyn is no stranger to putting in long hours where she is physically active. She says she was grateful for having Schmidt’s on hand throughout her rehearsals, if not for her sake than for her partner Artem’s.

When speaking on the topic of self care, Kaitlyn admits that she’s mindful of what she puts in her body and on it. Whether it’s having a predominately vegetarian and Pescaterian diet or trying to use natural products on her skin. Kaitlyn said it’s important for her to look at the ingredients on products that she is using as they can have an impact on our overall health. Fortunately, Schmidt’s is derived from natural botanicals, is certified natural by Ecocert and is made with 100% natural origin ingredients in Quebec.

There’s a reason that Schmidt’s is Canada’s #1 natural deodorant brand and we’ve happily jumped on board combating FOBO along with Kaitlyn! What better time to try out a new deodorant than while in lockdown?

Schmidt’s natural deodorants are made in Canada and available for $8$10 at most mass retailers including Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, and Jean Coutu.