American singer Kali Uchis is about to release her first eyewear collection in association with the Dime Optics brand, giving us 90s-themed vibes. It is a huge attraction not only for the fan community but also for those who have a passion for vintage sunglasses.


The Colombian-American singer released her collaboration with Dime on Friday. This vintage sunglasses collection is a collaboration with the Dime Optics brand and comes out as “Sin Miedo” which means “fearless”, like her latest album and is also a phrase Uchis heard often from her aunt growing up. The name of the collection has also partly shown the classic but bold style without limits to bring new aspects to the community about its collection. Kali Uchis seems to show her own soul and fashion sense, classic and seductive. The shades are taken from the ’70s, ’90s, and early 2000s – one of those incredibly iconic times and also one of Kali Uchis’ favorite decades.


We all know that Uchis loves vintage and retro style and it is this fashion style that inspired her a lot to bring creativity to this upcoming eyewear collection. The female singer had information to share in a press conference that she is very happy with the products and designs. “I love my collection”, Uchis said with a delighted mood for the result. She also said in a press release, “Eyewear has always been an integral part of my style, and it’s been so fun to create a frame that reinvents my love for 90s style and can be accessible to all those like-minded who want to wear something fun, bold, and unique.” 


The vibe of the collection is outstanding, eye-catching and perfectly fits the retro theme of the 70s or 2000s. The sunglasses come in tortoise, light blue, and black colorways, with tinted lens treatments in red and yellow. Uchis chose butterflies as the main inspiration because of their representation and symbolism of courage and hope. And she wants to convey this message in the most sincere way to her fan community and glasses enthusiasts. Each pair of sunglasses is extremely affordable. For only $35, and you will own a pair of classic glasses. Update this collection for yourself and hurry up because most of the products are selling well and are likely to sell out in the near future.

You can access the whole collection through the official Dime Optics website. 

Published by HOLR Magazine