Kathy Griffin Husband Randy Divorce After Three Years of Marriage

Comedian Kathy Griffin has announced she is filing for divorce from her husband of three years Randy Bick.

kathy griffin husband randy

Credit Image: Kathy Griffin @kathygriffin

And based on her Instagram post, there’ll be no shortage of material for Kathy Griffin.

Nor does there appear to be any ill will. Are these words of comfort to her soon-to-be ex?

“Hello perfect you! Just chiming in to let you know I love you so much, have since we met in 1994,” the post read.

“And as I recall, we went across the street that night and I cried on YOUR shoulder. Just remembered that! So please- CALL IN THAT favour!”

“In the meantime, I ugh Divorce sucks, but oh…. the anecdotes! Can’t wait to see how you express what you’re going through. Cause it’s going to be brilliant.”

kathy griffin husband randy

Credit Image: Kathy Griffin @kathygriffin

Unfortunately, this news came only days before the pair were set to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary.

And information obtained by E!News indicated that the comedian filed for divorce from husband Randy on Dec. 28, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the basis of the divorce.

However, things could be expected to go smoothly as the Griffin requested the enforcement of the couple’s prenup agreement they signed in 2019.

And well, if the above post is what we think it is, the split could very well be amicable.

Which is always a good thing but still, relationships are beautiful, so our hearts always break when one comes to an end.

kathy griffin husband randy

Credit Image: Kathy Griffin @kathygriffin

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But despite the dissolution of her marriage, the renowned comedian will be kicking off 2024 on massively high note- her ‘My Life on the PTSD List’ tour.

Follow this link to get all your Kathy Griffin tour information.

Meanwhile, check out this interview with Kathy to see the woman behind the comedy.

We’re sorry to hear about her personal struggles but look forward to seeing what she does with it.

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