Betty White was much more than a remarkable actress and comedian, she was a fashion icon. Throughout the 80-years of her career, Betty demonstrated an impressive talent towards her fashion choices. Take a walk through memory lane to see this fashionista’s most exceptional looks.

Despite her deeply sad and recent death on December 31st, 2021, at age 99, people all over the world celebrated earlier this week, on January 17th, what was supposed to be Betty White’s 100th birthday. She was a pioneer of television in its early days and one of the first women to ever perform both in front of and behind the camera. This incredibly talented woman had the longest ever career in the entertainment industry, with 8 decades of her life being dedicated to working as an actress, comedian, tv presenter, dubber, and writer.

Along her beautiful journey, dearest Betty White received several prizes in honour of her impeccable career, including 8 Emmy Awards, 3 American Comedy Awards, 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Grammy Awards, and even a Guinness World Record. Also known as the “First Lady of television”, Betty was named Honorary Mayor of Hollywood in 1995 and she has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Besides being a television icon, the comedian was also a fashion master, always showing up in the most incredible looks. Throughout her career, she attended a number of red carpets and important events, occasions in which her personal style kept on evolving. Follow along for a little flashback with some of Betty’s remarkable looks.

Betty White Fashion Look In 1954

Photo Credit: U.S. Magazine

1954: Betty wore this classy and beautiful outfit, matching an A-line skirt to a green collared blouse added up by a gorgeous pearls necklace with green and red stones. A clean makeup with dark red lipstick was chosen to complete the look.

Betty White Fashion Look In 1957

Photo Credit: U.S. Magazine

1957: In the most classic Hollywood style, Betty appears in a lace gown with a red and pink top. To finish the look, she wore white over-the-elbow gloves and a stunning bracelet. Her hair was in a wavy bob and her makeup was composed of mascara and red lipstick.

Betty White Fashion Look In 1958

Photo Credit: U.S. Magazine

1958: the muse wore this look during a photo op for “The Betty White Show”. The knitted top and pencil skirt dress was adorned with white gloves, an acrylic handbag, and a white hat with a veil. Jewelry includes earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a watch.

Betty White Fashion Look In 1977

Photo Credit: U.S. Magazine

1977: To attend the Variety Club International Benefit, the actress styled a blue printed dress with golden metallic details. Betty over-accessorized her outfit with matching blue earrings, several layers of necklaces, bracelets, and a ring. For the occasion, her beauty was made out of curly hair and clean makeup.

Betty White Fashion Look In 1990

Photo Credit: U.S. Magazine

1990: This is how Betty attended the 42nd Annual Emmy Awards, wearing a silk champagne gown embroidered with sequins. As always, she wore a lot of jewelry and red lipstick.

Betty White Fashion Look In 1991

Photo Credit: Footwear News

1991: Betty wore a bright yellow set of blouse and skirt for the 2nd Annual American Teacher Awards. As an animal lover, she had a brooch in the shape of a dalmatian. Pearl earrings and necklace gave the look a finishing touch.

Betty White Fashion Look In 2002

Photo Credit: Footwear News

2002: For the NBC 75th anniversary celebration at the Rockefeller Center, the comedian wore a white set of pants and a blazer. As per usual, Betty was well accessorized with a shiny handbag and jewelry.

Betty White Fashion Look In 2012

Photo Credit: Footwear News

2012: Betty was pictured in Los Angeles during a press conference preceding the taping of “Betty White’s 90th Birthday: A Tribute To America’s Golden Girl”. For the occasion, she selected a blue gown with embroidered sleeves, sparkly shoes, pink lip, and a mix of golden and silver jewelry.

Betty White Fashion Look In 2018

Photo Credit: U.S. Magazine

2018: Having attended the very first Emmy Awards in 1949, Betty was present at the Awards 70th edition, in which she was honoured on stage. She looked stunning in a black pantsuit composed of silk trousers and a blue beaded jacket matching her jewelry.

Betty White Fashion Look In 2021

Photo Credit: U.S. Magazine

2021: This picture was taken on December 20th and is probably one of Betty’s last photos. She wore white pants, a green top, and a printed green jacket. The actress also wore her classic makeup and jewelry.

We will definitely miss you, Betty… Rest In Peace.

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