Hasan Minhaj delivered an earth-scorching and cynical monologue at the opening of the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday. We break down the content of his savage monologue.

Hasan Minhaj Armie Hammer Joke

Hasan Minhaj was the host of the Independent Spirit Awards, which as noted by TMZ is an award to honor indie movies and filmmakers. During the opening of the award, Minhaj referred to Armie Hammer by referencing actor Timothee Chalamet, who starred in “Bones and All”. Minhaj said that filmmakers need to stop making movies about a cannibal who falls in love with another cannibal, indirectly alluding to Hammer’s reputation that started when the “Call Me By Your Name” star was under investigation for alleged cannibalistic fetishes.

Hasan Minhaj on stage

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Are Award Shows Still Relevant?

In addition to joking about Armie Hammer, the Daily Show comedian also brought up the fact that the Independent Spirit Award was available to stream through YouTube but not through the usual TV outlets. “We literally don’t have a distributor. The independent film channel did not want the independent film awards,” Minhaj said. Previously, the award has always been aired by the Independent Film Channel (IFC) but the channel is now no longer airing the award. This year, IFC chose to air Will Ferrel’s 2008 basketball comedy, “Semi-Pro”, instead.

Despite Minhaj’s making fun of the award’s lack of live TV existence,  he still thanked all the celebrities who attended the award in the end, saying “Awards shows are dead. My two-year-old watches slime videos with more views than the Oscars. But you all showed up, which means you’re really there for the love of the game.” He also emphasized the importance of supporting indie movies, stating that “the entire industry stands on the shoulders of independent film” and explaining that most movies were made when “a bunch of weirdos got together”.

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