Why did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom make a sobriety pact?

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Recently, Katy Perry opened up to People about why she gave up alcohol with her fiancé, Orlando Bloom. In March, she revealed they are undergoing three months of soberness.

“For me, it was an opportunity to reset. We reset after President’s Day, and it was a great opportunity to just let my body bounce back a little bit,” Katy Perry told the outlet. “I’ve had a pretty good relationship with just finding balance.” she added.

“We did this because he’s shooting a movie in London right now that’s taking every ounce of his focus, and so I wanted that opportunity to be supportive. It’s really hard to do anything, whether that’s doing a cleanse or a reset, unless your partner’s doing it. So, doing it together makes it so much easier.” the singer, 38, added.

In addition, Katy said that she doe not “really identify with any labels as far as sober or whatever.” “I love to have my reset moments, especially being 38, balancing the intensity of my career and having a toddler who loves to run.”

Katy Perry Non Alcoholic Wine

Katy Perry


Recently, the singer’s non-alcoholic beverages brand, De Soi, released a new flavor, Très Rosé. “Très Rosé is our forth flavor, and it’s our ready-for-the-summer flavor. It’s based on a dry, crisp, brute rosé that everybody tends to pop open during this time when the sun’s out and the buns are out.” Katy told People regarding the new drink, as noted here.

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