Why was Katy Perry at the coronation? HOLR breaks it down.

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One guest that surprised fans by appearing at the coronation was Grammy Award-nominated singer Katy Perry. People shortly started wondering what is Katy’s connection to the Royal Family. According to Forbes, King Charles invited the singer to attend the coronation and perform during the ceremony.

When is The Coronation Concert?

The concert will take place on Sunday, May 7, and the singer will perform together with Take That, Andrea Bocelli, Lionel Richie, Freya Ridings and Alexis Ffrench, BBC notes. These are only some of the artists who are expected to perform at The Coronation Concert. The rest of the list will be announced soon, BBC adds.

In a recent interview, Katy Perry opened up about the excitement of being invited at the ceremony. “It was very regal. It was like a cursive I have never seen [before]… I loved it.” she said, as she talked about the official invite, as mentioned here.

Katy Perry Coronation Meme

The singer experienced a slightly awkward moment at the coronation that shortly became an Internet meme. In a video posted on Twitter, Katy Perry was spotted looking lost as she was trying to find her seat.

Following the incident, she used humor to address it in a tweet. “Don’t worry guys i found my seat.” she wrote.

Katy Perry Coronation Look

Katy Perry stumbles

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For the event, the singer chose to wear a Vivienne Westwood light-pink skirt and jacket. She accessorized the outfit with long sleeves and a headpiece of the same color.

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