Hair loss affects almost everyone and it can be through age, genetics, or as a result of underlying health conditions. But, there are great products out there that are based on clean beauty and make it easier for us to maintain a routine as we can do it from the comfort of our homes. One of the products we’re referring to— which you can bring with you through quarantine is the Vegamour Gro+ Grows kit

If your hair has gone through a fair share of colouring, bleaching, and heat and you feel like it’s endured the tightest of hairstyles through the years, Vegamour’s kit is great in taking care of your strands and helps in treating hair loss. For men, hair loss is commonly seen through receding hairlines or bald spots. Meanwhile, women often experience it with thinning hair strands. What’s great with Vegamour is they use ingredients that not only promote hair growth but are also clinically proven to have no harmful toxins or synthetic hormones. Such ingredients include bioactive plant nutrients and cell-communicating peptides that strengthen hair and reduce fall-out. They’re also 100% vegan and cruelty-free! For $180 USD, a regular value of $204 USD this kit includes:

GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum

Boosts and increases the length of hair’s growth cycle while strengthening and thickening your strands. Formulated with hemp oil, the cannabidiol derived from natural hemp helps reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation in topical applications.

GRO Hair Boost Adaptogen Supplement

If you thought your hair couldn’t get any more shiny and healthy, this supplement powder which comes in berry, matcha, and chai flavours, helps reduce fatigue and balance thyroid hormones which affect the development of hair at the root. With ingredients rich in Vitamin A and E, your hair does not get the moisture it needs but it’s effective in enhancing natural hair growth.

Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies for Hair

Complete your daily dose of vitamin supplements with these gummies. It contains biotin, folic acid, and zinc, all of which are good in stimulating hair growth. Treat these fruit-flavored gummies as a treatment for your hair but also as a snack for yourself (within the range of recommended intake of course) because they taste delicious!  

If you thought it ends here and we’ve forgotten about brows and lashes, we could never! And so not only does Vegamour have products for your hair, but they also have products to supplement your brows and lashes

To find more about Vegamour, check them out here.

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