If you love taking care of your hair, do it the right way, with products from Locks and Mane, you will look and feel amazing. From products like hair extensions to hair accessories like scrunchies and silk pillowcases. You’ll be able to keep your hair healthy while allowing it to look its best with these products. 

Locks and Mane are the luxury haircare and accessory brands that make accessories from 100% Mulberry silk, the best silk in the world that does not damage your hair, and protects it from static that other material accessories can create. Locks and Mane was founded in 2015 by Jennifer Parrot, who for years was spending thousands of dollars on extensions that took hours out of her day. Jennifer decided to create the brand Locks and Mane to start making hair extensions that were affordable, fast installing and non-damaging to your existing hair. Since then, Jennifer and the products of Locks and Mane have empowered women to feel their best and look their best by using the products Jennifer had created for the women like her. 

100% Silk 3-Piece Scrunchie Set with Pillow Case, $79.99

Introducing the NEW 3-piece Silk Scrunchie and Pillow Case set from luxury hair extensions, hair care and accessories brand, Locks and Mane! Made with 100% Mulberry silk, this scrunchie and pillowcase set is the ultimate hair care accessory that’s great for your hair and skin, and the price point can’t be beaten!

“The Fancy” Embellished Headband, $40

Get decked out this upcoming holiday season with Locks and Mane’s gorgeous line of hair accessories that are the perfect crown to your gorgeous locks!

“Little Gems” Headband, $35

An elegant headband featuring a multicoloured gemstone design that’s comfortable for all-day wear.

Jeweled Knotted Headband, $25

Feeling all dolled up, you can use this headband to piece together the perfect outfit for your night out and look stylish while doing it. 

Locks and Mane not only have hair accessories to add a little bit of style to your hair, but hair extensions are available in an extended amount of options on the Locks and Mane website in 18″ or 12″ Clips, as well as 14″ or 8″ ponytails, plus their own range of styling products and hair accessories!

Article published by HOLR Magazine