This winter your hair is likely to get damaged from the cold winter air, and the amount of styling from all the holiday parties. Matrix is a professional haircare brand that has a long line of products to help your hair stay in healthy shape. Although your hair may look great, it still needs extra products to make it stay great. 

Matrix was founded in 1980 by Arnie Miller who created the brand for people and stylists who can all feel welcome and included in their journey and encourage stylists to become colourists. Matrix has created care solutions that can be matched with any hair type, that way you can find your perfect hair care routine. 

For this winter season, you can find products based on your hair colour, texture and style. From curly hair to straight, and natural colour to bright blue, there is something for everyone as Matrix is one of the most inclusive brands around. 


Are you looking to maintain your dry, damaged hair? Matrix’s Moisture Me Rich shampoo cleanses hair and restores moisture leaving it soft, replenished and radiant. 

Moisture me Rich is a whole line of products that are perfect for this winter season, and for anyone who has dry or damaged hair. This line replenishes moisture and allows for your hair to be soft as ever, keeping it looking and feeling healthy.


Curly hair requires some extra TLC for perfectly defined curls. The A Curl Can Dream Shampoo is infused with manuka honey extract to deeply cleanse curly and coily hair. Just apply the desired amount of product at the scalp and work throughout the lengths and ends.

A curl can dream line is perfect for curly hair. Curly hair needs special and different products because of the texture, the collection allows for your curls to bounce back and become the perfect coil all over again.

Article published by HOLR Magazine