Shocking new details have been revealed about the murder of a child psychiatrist who was funding Instagram model, Kelsey Turner, and her lifestyle.

Back in 2019, Dr. Thomas Burchard’s body was found in the trunk of a car in the Nevada desert. Kelsey Turner and her boyfriend allegedly plotted to kill Burchard. As a result, the duo has been charged with the child psychiatrist’s death as mentioned here.

Kelsey Turner Model

According to this article, Burchard was obsessed with Turner (known as “Badd Barbie”) and became her so-called sugar daddy. She lived a lavish lifestyle she was dependent on him.  Reports say that he gave her more than $300,000.

Once Burchard decided to end their supposed relationship, he was found beaten in the trunk of a car. It is alleged that Jon Logan Kennison beat Burchard with a baseball bat.

Kelsey Turner Instagram

Burchard had supposedly told Turner he could not continue to keep up funding her lifestyle and she made false accusations about him “claiming that he had pornographic images of minors on his phone.”

The alleged argument reportedly led to a physical altercation on a rural desert road and resulted in the doctor’s death as mentioned here. “Turner and Kennison’s fingerprints were allegedly found in the car where his body was abandoned alongside a baseball bat.”

Although the couple initially denied any involvement, “after over a year of proclaiming his innocence, Kennison pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and conspiracy.”

Turner reportedly signed a plea deal in late 2022 as noted here.

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