Kim posted a series of Instagram story frames from the movie that spoiled scenes from the newly released film.

Kim Kardashian is under fire for posting scenes from the newly released Spider-Man: No Way Home, in which she spoils the film’s ending for her 270+ million Instagram followers. During an at-home viewing of the latest Spider-Man film in her Hidden Hills house, the celebrity posted a couple of story frames of the screen during one of the movie’s most pivotal moments. For those who may not know, the latest Spider-Man movie is currently still in theatres.

As one of this year’s highly-awaited cinematic films, Spider-Man: No Way Home has seen tremendous box office results as Sony Pictures’ highest-grossing film of all time, bringing in a total of $1.16 billion worldwide, to date. As a result of its success, the movie continues to gain traction as fans continuously flock to the theatres to view it.

Since Kim has a massive following of over 270+ million Instagram fans, her followers expressed criticism and outrage after being subjected to spoilers from one of this year’s most anticipated films. With millions of people checking into the celebrity’s Instagram page daily, fans were not happy when it came to viewing the posts, especially since they were not prefaced with any disclaimers, such as flagging the possibility of upcoming spoilers. Some also took to Twitter to voice their frustrated opinions regarding Kim’s latest actions.

Many followers called out Kim for spoiling a film they had long awaited to see, in which they had steered clear of other platforms in the hopes of not having the movie ruined, only to view spoilers on Kim’s social platform. Others expressed that Kim had the “privilege” of viewing the movie in her own home theatre and spoiled it for those who had taken proper precautions by staying home and keeping safe. 

Kim has been called out for other controversies in the past, but this is the latest event the celebrity has gotten dragged for after a very public outcry. After learning about how upset her fans were about her posts, Kim deleted the series of story frames about the film. The celebrity has not issued a formal apology for the posts, but it is clear that she has realized the magnitude of her actions.

Hopefully, Kim has learned her lesson when it comes to documenting her activities on social media and will think twice the next time she clicks “post.”

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