Since 2013 Kinx has created revolutionary underwear for women that have changed feeling, confidence, and the environment all through one piece of fabric. Knix’s leak-proof underwear has allowed women to walk around confidently knowing that sweat, bladder leaks or even your period can’t stop you from feeling good and looking better. 

You might be wondering how a pair of underwear can make you look and feel good. Well, if you’re someone who has bladder leaks and can’t control it, or only wears certain articles of clothing while on their period, this underwear will change all that. 

Knix leak-proof underwear is absorbent and stylish. No ‘diaper like’ look that makes you feel less sexy, they come in many styles and colours, and now they are even releasing the all-new cotton modal leakproof underwear. Knix was created so women can be free and confident, and with these new styles, all you’re gonna be feeling is sexy. 

The cotton modal underwear was created because cotton is one of the most known fabrics and has a healthier choice for vaginal health. It is soft, stretchy and breathable, something that every underwear including absorbent underwear should be. 

Dr. Chimmey, Board Certified OBGYN and Knix Health Advisor, notes, “Cotton is often regarded as the most important natural textile fibre in the world. Largely because it is a fabric that has many uses, but is also comfortable, soft, natural, absorbs water and ‘breathes’ or allows the passage of air through it. Unanimously, cotton is the best underwear fabric.” 

Now, knowing that Knix has everything you need wrapped up into one underwear, all you need to do is find out which style is best for you. For the new cotton modal underwear, they come in both highrise and bikini, ranging from xs-xxxxl, and in colours like sahara, indigo and black, all you need to really decide is what absorbency works best for you. 

With this new technology you’ll be saving money on uncomfortable pads and tampons, you’ll be feeling sexy again, and you will have the confidence knowing that you won’t have to worry about any types of leaks ever again.