From the most comfortable wireless bras to super-absorbent underwear, Knix products are designed to make you feel more comfortable in your skin.

Underwear is such an important element to an amazing outfit and to the overall confidence you carry it with. Many times, women have been told they cannot have the best of both worlds. Sometimes you either have to sacrifice looks for comfort or the other way around. With Knix, you can have the best of both worlds. 

Their variety of products provide a wide range of styles, colours, patterns, and whatever size you may need. They offer something for everyone, and their inclusive sizing range ensures no one is left out. 

Everyone had felt the discomfort and disappointment in trying to find a bra that fits well and keeps you supported and comfortable during the day. Knix offers the perfect bras and the best thing about them is that they are wireless. The most comfortable, supportive, and versatile bras you’ll ever wear. It’s time to ditch the underwire and wear something that you love.

It is always so hard to find the right size and wearing the wrong one can be a reason why you may feel uncomfortable or don’t feel supported. You can have a virtual fitting with a Knixpert to make sure you are wearing the perfect and ideal size, so you have zero inconveniences throughout your day and activities. 

One of the best products the brand has to offer is period underwear. Women have been in the journey of looking for something that will prevent leaking, makes them feel safe and comfortable. There is also the task of looking for an environmentally friendly product. The period underwear Knix offers is the perfect option for great absorbency depending on your flow. The best part about them, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or looks. You can get different styles, colours, and sizes, so don’t worry about having to wear granny panties. 

Like the Knixy Lace Leakproof Bikini –This Leakproof Bikini combines Knix’s patented leakproof technology that absorbs up to 3 tsp of liquid with ultra-soft and stretchy lace for ultimate comfort and confidence. Even if you are not into lace and need something more absorbent, there is the Cotton Modal Super Leakproof Bikini – it is incredibly soft, naturally breathable, and washes just like normal undies; the best part about it is that it can absorb up to 8 tsp of liquid. 

Their founder, Joanna Griffiths, launched Knix intending to transform an underwear market that had too much frill and not enough function. From shapewear to activewear, to maternity and postpartum pieces, there is something for everyone and in any size, you can imagine. You can find the High-Rise Shaper Short, which comes in 6 sizes and 5 different shades of nude. It is designed with comfortable compression zones to smooth the upper and lower stomach, while also lifting and defining your bum. 

 It’s time to live unapologetically free. Free from judgment. Free from self-doubt. Free to be yourself.