Gel blasters have seen a rise in popularity due to their realistic looks that emulate the guns used by the military or police organizations. With the advancements in manufacturing technology, these blasters have gotten cheaper, more premium, and more fun to use. If you’re looking forward to owning a gel blaster and joining the thousands of other hobbyists, you must know the differences between the different types of blasters and the advantages that each offers. You should also keep a few other things in mind while choosing the blasters to have the most fun experience.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular types of gel blasters that you should consider purchasing. Even though many people recommend beginners to start with an AR, it’s entirely your choice what you choose to start with. Gel blasters are a hobby purchase and with a hobby, a person can choose whatever equipment that they fancy the most. So let’s get to it and find out all about the different gel blaster types so that you know what your weapon of choice should be.

1. ARs

Assault Rifles, often abbreviated to the term AR, are one of the most popular types of gel blasters. Much like their real-world counterparts, these blasters have a range that’s pretty decent and their fire rate is pretty high as well. These accurate guns are the most suitable ones for beginners due to their versatile nature. If you’re new to this hobby then you’ve most likely been motivated to pursue it after seeing a very cool-looking AR.

2. Shotguns

One of the most niche guns out there, shotguns are devastating at close range but pretty harmless at long ranges. A shotgun takes more experience to use and you can forget about getting great accuracy with these guns. These blasters are known for their bursts of power which can’t be matched by any other blasters. Shotguns are rather slow to reload and their firing range is nothing to brag about either. If you’re going to be playing in a close-range arena, then this weapon is the perfect one for you. However, if you’re primarily interested in long-range or even medium-range fields, then the shotgun should be skipped completely.

3. SMGs

The Sub-Machine Guns are little monsters with a pretty good fire rate. These guys are more akin to an AR than the machine guns as the name suggests. These gel blasters don’t have a very good range and they can’t hold a lot of ammo either. According to the specifications of SMGs at, you’ll run out of ammo pretty fast with an SMG so you have to be ready to carry some spare ammo with you if you want this gun to be of any use. However, they are pretty versatile and lightweight guns. You can easily use an SMG in a close-range or medium-range area due to this versatility. SMGs aren’t very effective at long-range due to relatively low accuracy and the high recoil but if you’re experienced with your weapon, you can make it work decently for long-range as well.

4. Pistols

The most compact weapons that pack a decent punch and are cheaper than all the other options are pistols. The pistol can work at many different ranges but is most suited for shorter ranges due to its lack of power when compared to the ARs or even SMGs. The fire rate of a pistol is nothing exceptional and nothing to scoff at either. A pistol will fire only as fast as you do because of its semi-automatic nature. The ammo capacity of pistols is even less than an SMG and this can lead to constant reloading, so you’ll have to be very careful with which shots you choose to take due to this limited ammo.

5. LMGs

Perhaps the largest and heaviest gel blasters are the Light Machine Guns. These massive machines weigh more than any other blaster and can spit out a lot of projectiles in a short amount of time. These weapons would’ve been the ultimate weapons had it not been for their very heavyweights and their inconvenient size. These blasters are also very slow to reload and they’ll keep you down for a while. So keep this in mind before you choose this weapon for its massive firepower.

So, these were the basic types of gel blasters that are available in the market. Each blaster has its own pros and cons, so you should be careful with the one you choose. You can always upgrade to different blasters if you’re not happy with your current one. So keep experimenting and soon you’ll find your Excalibur.