The Korean Culture Centre extends an invitation to all Canadians to dive deeper into Korean culture during Korea Week 2021.

Korea Week is an annual cultural festival that lasts for 24 days. It started on September 20th and it will run until October 13th. The festival coincides with two of the largest holidays in Korea: Chuseok (the celebration of a good harvest) and National Foundation Day of Korea (a holiday that celebrates the formation of Gojoseon, Korea’s first state).

Korean culture is having an enduring impact on Canadians and Korea Week invites one and all to both virtual and in-person events. With a lineup featuring K-pop, food, and art, the festival has a little something for everyone to discover.

The festival is presented by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and The Korean Cultural Centre Canada.

The celebration is taking place online and in-person in various locations in Ottawa. Until September 13th, you can discover and celebrate Korean culture’s impact on Canada and the diaspora at large.

The Events

Korea Week

Discover Korean filmography at “Cities of Korea”, an event that brings to the spotlight Korean filmography and shows off different projects from Korea, about Korea, and by Korean actors and directors. From October 1st through October 13th, the screenings of “Secret Sunshine” by Lee Chang-dong, “Moonfishing in Aewol” by Pack Cheol-u, and “Gyeongju” by Zhnag Lu will be available.

The K-Food Sauce Contest will be taking place until October 7th. In this event, the goal is to discover talented food (sauce) creators who can creatively develop unique k-sauce using other Korean fermented sauces.

Korea Week

If you are looking to attend an enriching arts event, then the Korean Modern Art: Daegu Scenery is perfect for you. Based on the topical focus on nature and scenery, this exhibition presents 17 modern scenery paintings from Daegu Art Museum. The exhibition includes five precious paintings from the Lee Kun-hee Private Collection, which have recently been donated to the museum. Head over to the Korean Cultural Centre and enjoy being entranced by the magnificent art. And don’t worry about the exhibition leaving before you get time to visit, this one will be available until December 10th.

Korea Week

“Apple tree” by Lee Insung

For some K-Pop extravaganza head over to the Canadian Museum of History to be present for the 2021 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival (Canada Finals). The top 10 K-Pop teams moving up from the online preliminary round will compete for a chance to represent Canada at the final global round. If you’re a K-Pop lover, this is the event for you.

Discover more about Korea and indulge your mind with their culture. The more you know, the better, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn about one of the many beautiful cultures that add magic to Canada. Find out more about the events and their schedule here.


Published by HOLR Magazine