Everything we know about Krieg Butler and the dismissed charges in relation to the death of Sinzae Reed.

The latest updates from the case involve Krieg Butler making an allegation that his actions were a result of self-defense, as noted here.

Krieg Butler Sinzae Reed

Butler was accused of shooting and killing 13-year-old Sinzae Reed on October 12 of last year. So why is Butler trending, today? Earlier this year it was reported that Butler was charged with murder- however, the charges were eventually dismissed days later with prosecutors not re-filing charges as mentioned here.

“I’m very frustrated because I know if it was the other way around, if it was a Black man and my child was white, the Black man would be in jail, and my son would have justice,” Sinzae’s mother, Megan Reed, said here, to ABC News a few months ago. “I need justice for my son.”

There haven’t been any new updates to share lately, so this is as much as we know right now. Reed’s family, community, and activists are asking for Butler to be rearrested for his crimes (as noted here), as rumors continue to swirl involving the incident.

HOLR will continue to follow this story and continue the conversation in regard to why the topic continues to trend online.

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