The Blogger’s Boyfriend inspires others to always travel in style.

We had the chance to chat with Kurt Dacheng Ji, AKA the widely known Bloggers’ Boyfriend — a traveler, photographer and creative director who has built a loyal following of 170,000 users on instagram. His style is certainly influential, not to mention his incredible creative talents.

We chatted with Kurt on travelling, his career and name, favourite brands, and his style.


HOLR: Explain the context of your memorable username.

KDJ: When I started blogging and attending Fashion Week, I realized the struggle for most bloggers is finding someone to photograph you. Many female blogger friends have to ask their boyfriends to take their photos. However, at the beginning of my blogging career, I would take on the role of my friend’s photographer. So that’s where my username Bloggers Boyfriend comes from. 

HOLR: What is your job title?

KDJ: Full-time traveler and photographer. 

HOLR: What has so much travel taught you recently? 

KDJ: I have realized that travel requires a lot of preparation like researching so it has taught me how to be organized with my personal life. Second of all, it teaches you that you need to be brave enough to let go so that you can see the world. People tend to be hesitant to travel because of the unpredictability of something going wrong. It teaches you that life is not always as you planned. The world is so big, so why not travel and expose yourself to outside your own small world? There is always something different about all the places in the world. 

HOLR: Travel essentials? 

KDJ: Hand sanitizer, vitamins, mosquito repellent, music, headphones, a small book to read when there is no Internet or when you are in a queue, and medication. 



HOLR: Talk to us about how you became so interested in fashion to the point where you wanted to make it your career?

KDJ: In 2011, I started my retail career in Melbourne. Fashion was something I always wanted to pursue since I was young. I started collecting Vogue and Elle magazines while I was going to school and that’s where my pocket money was spent. Fashion has always been my passion and inspiration in life. I did start studying something unrelated at university but that’s why I opened my shop while I was in living in Australia for three years. 

HOLR: What are some of your favourite brands right now?

KDJ: I’m a bit obsessed with Australian minimal designer and lifestyle brand Dion Lee. They just released their men’s line so I’m really looking forward to it. I really do love Balenciaga. 

HOLR: How does travel inspire your style? 

KDJ: Before I travelled the world, I was known for my minimal style. I basically only wore black, white and grey. Now I wear colours and prints. I think the world has inspired me because the world is huge and colourful. For instance, I will be travelling to India, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka where these places are so colourful, and with exotic animals with beautiful prints. So for my summer and resort outfits, I like wearing colours and prints and different materials like linen and cotton with leather for contrast. Travel makes you open your mind. I’m endlessly inspired by travelling. 

HOLR: Best advice you’ve received? 

KDJ: The best advice I received was when I was watching an interview with The Man Repeller and that advice was to have a niche rather than trying to please everybody. Before I was trying to please everybody and I really lost my voice. I would think “Oh this is great! I’m going to get so many likes and followers.” Then I realized you will lose your loyal followers by trying to grab the attention of everybody because you are not yourself. I should be who I am and then influence a small group of people who really get what I’m doing rather being like a ‘supermarket.’




Kurt’s rising influence and style has certainly made it’s staple on digital media — make sure to keep up with Kurt for the latest in fashion, trends, and photography @bloggers_boyfriend