Lizzo burst onto the pop culture scene with breakout songs including “Juice” and “Good As Hell.” Since then, she has become one of the music icons of this generation. Not only have her tunes caught the attention of many, her looks have as well.

The artist has already familiarized her fans with her music, and she has added her adventurous looks to that list as well. Whether Lizzo opts to go for a traditional look, or a more spunky one. She knows how to grab people’s attention with her flashy methods of clothing.

Experimenting is what she thrives on. You want proof? Let’s scroll through to get a whiff of Lizzo’s street style.

Lizzo in Neon

Lizzo wearing neon.

Image Credit: teenvogue.com

I’m not sure what’s looking brighter. Is the neon on Lizzo looking brighter? Or is Lizzo looking as bright as ever in neon? I’d say the latter. She’s wearing a polyester dress stuck to her skin like super glue, as she stands with one hand on her hip. The purple mermaid hair falling down gloriously down to her waist is the perfect match with the neon dress. Lizzo is wearing black leather shoes with pointy toes. And those small rectangular glasses resting on the edge of her nose must surely remind you of your grandparents. 

Heart-shaped dress

Lizzo in a dress full of hearts.

Image Credit: teenvogue.com

If you know Cruella De Vil, you will be familiar with the iconic black and white combination. Lizzo is seen on the street going to some afterparty and is seen covered in hearts. The bandeau knee-high dress is matched with elbow-high gloves. The accessories are round glasses with white circular cuts around the frames. A white headband to hold her dark curls together, and a white LV messenger bag.

‘L’ for Lizzo, ‘L’ for latex

Lizzo wearing a latex dress.

Image Credit: teenvogue.com

This combo is something else. Truly. It really is something else. The combination of baby blue and white is simply stunning. Add to the fact that the dress is fully in latex, there is a different feel to it. The baby blue latex is shining bright, just like Lizzo’s smile in this outfit. Also, The pointed boots have become a recurring theme, but this time theyre in all-white. This ensemble does not need any accessories. The colour combination and material of the clothing have done their magic. Lizzo definitely brings a completely different vibe to it.

Lizzo’s footballs

Lizzo in a football-inspired outfit.

Image Credit: teenvogue.com

Imagine thinking Lizzo will go to an event where she doesn’t turn heads. I definitely cant. And this outfit will turn heads, that’s for sure. The star wore a lace-up dress to the Super Bowl 2022. This included footballs as bra cups. Some loved it, others hated it. All of these feelings were expressed in Lizzo’s comment section of her Instagram post. You have to admire the fact that Lizzo is feeling herself in this fit, and that’s all that matters. “[LET’S] PLAY BALLS,” Lizzo captioned her post on Instagram. “I had too much fun at the big game today. Pics brought to u by my partners at Google,” she continued. (ICYMI: Lizzo also partnered up with Google for a Super Bowl commercial.)

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