There are a variety of ways brands can show support to social movements such as the Black Lives Matter movement. Whether it be through donations, through spreading resources and information, or by asking questions and starting conversations. A number of fashion brands have been pledging their support, and Toronto-based brands La Reyna and Tsaichedelic will be releasing a collection on August 25th with the aim of supporting local communities of colour.

La Reyna produces luxury bodysuits with a supply chain that begins and ends in Canada. Their clothing is incredibly inclusive and designed to suit every variety of figure, whilst providing comfort, quality, and functionality. They are teaming up with Tsaichedelic, who create unique, premium tie-dye products, to release a collection of tie-dye bodysuits with a portion of proceeds going to the Loveland Foundation and Black Women in Motion.

Tie-dye has been one of the hottest trends of the Summer and the incredible talent of Tsaichedelic ensures each unique piece will look amazing. The bodysuits will come in three colours: taupe, royal blue, and olive.

The two brands are owned by friends Kristina and Liv, who wanted to find a way to create something special that will help the Black Lives Matter groups they are so passionate about. Tsaichedelic was started by Liv as a way to raise money for The Frontline Fund to help Canadian hospitals dealing with COVID-19, so donating some of the proceeds to great causes seemed like the perfect way for the two brands to give back.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to two organizations, The Loveland Foundation and Black Women in Motion. The Loveland Foundation is an amazing charity that focuses on opportunity, access, validation, and healing for Black women and girls. The work they do, especially through their Therapy Fund, benefits the lives of many in a way that impacts generations. Black Women in Motion is an organization that supports Black women and survivors of sexual violence and provides them with incredible support, resources and opportunities which would otherwise be unavailable.

Fashion has become an industry deeply involved with the Black Lives Matter movement. Toronto-based Hilary MacMillan designed a varsity jacket with all proceeds going to Black Women in Motion’s employment assistance program, and similarly, Cuchara donated 100% of a weekend’s profits to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. The fashion industry has often been critiqued for capitalising off Black culture whilst not support or giving opportunities to Black models, creatives, photographers, or designers, so to see such support behind Black movements is incredibly encouraging. We hope this is the start of diversification of the industry and hope to see more action taken to support and provide opportunities to people of colour around the world.

The collaboration between La Reyna and Tsaichedelic is a great example of the actions being taken by new brands within the industry. You can shop the collection at La Reyna on August 25th and you can find more information about the organizations the collection will support by visiting The Loveland Foundation and Black Women in Motion 

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