Why is Jingle Ball trending? HOLR breaks down the alleged fake Taylor Swift controversy.

Jingle Ball 2023

According to this TikTok video posted by user @noahglenncarter, people are upset with this year’s Jingle Ball because they reportedly hired a fake Taylor Swift to perform.

jingle ball fake taylor swift video

Jingle Ball allegedly “infuriated” an audience of 20,000 fans by saying that they were about to get a performance by Taylor Swift.

Fake Taylor Swift

However, Taylor Swift did not come out to perform- it was someone else that the internet has dubbed “fake Taylor Swift” who came out to perform instead. What’s interesting to note is that the event actually previously had the real Swift come out and perform back in 2019. However, this year the real Swift was not in attendance.  The event’s decision not to put out a fake Taylor Swift was not met with happy fans. People in the audience subsequently booed the performer as she was on stage because they wanted it to be the real Taylor Swift instead.

What do you think about this viral controversy?

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