What is a beauty philosophy you live by?

FACIAL MASSAGE. If you’re not on board yet — get on board. After my face was bloated and swollen from jaw surgery, I tried everything to reduce the puffiness and that’s when I discovered facial massage. It helps to stimulate the lymphatic system which releases toxins from your system and helps contour your face.

There are a few ways to go about facial massage. 1.) You can do it for free! Watch a video tutorial and learn how to do it with your hands.  2.) You can get a little handheld machine. I love mine! Sure, I have a facial brush, but this is different guys. This is like a vibrator for your face. In fact, it sounds like a vibrator and kind of looks like one, which brings me to number 3.) If you’re not ready to invest in a machine, try a vibrator! No joke you can use a $9 vibrator on your face, and it works.  4.) Lastly, you can also do what I always do: the second I land and get off a long flight, I haul my ass to the closest spa and get a lymphatic drainage massage. This works like a REAL charm. You go from swollen, Sloth from The Goonies to beauty pageant status.

What does your daily beauty routine look like?

I’ve been obsessed with skin since I can remember. Really though, I remember being like 19 under an umbrella with SPF and a huge hat on while all my friends were baking. To me healthy, glowy skin represents YOUTH! So screw spending a bunch of money on makeup; I would rather save it for skincare.

SPF is a MUST. I love a good caffeinated sunscreen. The caffeine tightens your face, so it’s like a mini facelift and creates the best canvas for makeup.

My routine always has a few basic steps — the products change since I’m constantly testing new products and it depends what my skin needs. Usually, that means using a cleanser, exfoliating, applying a serum and hydrating with oils. You can see a full breakdown of my AM and PM routine on my Youtube channel.

Who or what do you look to the most for skin care tips?

I’m constantly trying new things and researching new ideas. Usually, I’ll get tips from different doctors like plastic surgeons and dermatologists. I also love to look into celebrity and model secrets. They are always one step ahead of the curve.

Products you like to splurge on?

Facials. I enjoy a facial once a week. To some people, this may seem like a splurge, but to me, it’s really a necessity. Taking preventative measures is essential to maintaining glowing, healthy skin. Think of it as an investment in yourself. Lead with your skin!

Best advice you can give when it comes to skincare/haircare?

Keep it simple. There is no reason to overcomplicate everything. Sure you can do a Korean 10-step program, but honestly, the best routine is the one that works for you. Sometimes all you need is a little olive oil (to remove makeup! ), an exfoliator (choose an acid! ), and a quality serum (vitamin C for me! ). Oh and a facial massage. Again. Also always remove your makeup. Do NOT fall asleep with a full face of makeup and always wear sunscreen.

Some of Lauryn’s current favourite products:

Dr. Dennis Peel Pads

Dr. Dennis Brightening Serum

Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift

Replenix Antioxidant Sunscreen

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