Beauty brands are taking steps to get in touch with what people want. In this day and age, the role of sustainability has impacted and changed consumer habits, and it’s for the better!

For the consumers part, it is making a conscious effort to be more aware of selecting brands that have ethical and sustainable practices. While companies are showing a sense of social responsibility by implementing sustainable and ethical practices such as fair wages and minimizing any environmental impact in the process of manufacturing products. Many brands have incorporated sustainability through recycling efforts and rewarding consumers with incentives in exchange for the empty products containers returned.

 Here is a rundown of how some companies have implemented their sustainable campaigns:


Image Source: DECIEM

“The Abnormal Beauty Company” as they are known, partnered with TerraCycle that encourages consumers to bring back any used skincare bottles. What’s makes this sustainable campaign unique is it lets you also return any skincare bottles from any skincare brands (which is a wonderful thing!). It can be dropped off at these locations:

  DECIEM Toronto Exchange Tower

  DECIEM Mississauga Square One

  DECIEM Vancouver Downtown


Image source: Innisfree Canada

 For K-Beauty lovers out there we have good news! As the beauty/skincare brand Innisfree continues to emerge into the Canadian market, the brand is making an impact by including their “Empty Bottle Recycling Campaign” that’s been ongoing since 2003. As part of their “Play Green Campaign”, the Empty Bottle Recycling allows consumers to recycle Innisfree products with the exclusion of makeup and canned-type products. Containers can be recycled in any of their three locations in Toronto and you can earn points as part of their membership program. Bring the bottles in any of these locations:

  Innisfree at Yorkdale Mall

  Innisfree at Toronto Eaton Centre

  Innisfree at Scarborough Town Centre


Image source: LUSH Cosmetics via emma_sugi

 Although 35% of the products are already sold with no packaging, LUSH is further making a conscious effort by allowing consumers to recycle plastic bottle packaging. And this is the best part; they’re also committed to providing incentives for their consumers by giving them free face masks once they’ve returned five clean black pots!


Image source: Origins

 Known by almost all skincare junkies and probably owns something from this brand, Origins have been implementing their recycling program since 2009. Working with the American Forests’ Global ReLeaf and local organizations to plant trees around the world (over 500,000 trees and counting!), Origins has revolutionized the beauty industry by staying committed to sustaining the environment. As of now, the recycling program is only available in North America but they’re accepting containers from any brand!


Image source: MAC Cosmetics

As part of their commitment to the environment, the Back to M.A.C Program is accepting the return of their primary packaging. So if you’re looking to dispose of old M.A.C bullet lipsticks or your eyeshadow pots in the trash, don’t do it! Put it aside and collect six of them and return it to your local M.A.C counter. And if you do, *whispers in the ear* you’ll receive a free M.A.C lipstick of your choice. Since 100% of VIVA GLAM Lipsticks and Lipglass are given to organizations that help people living with HIV/AIDS, they are excluded from the recycling program.