As we all know, Halloween is right around the corner, and it is the time to immerse yourself into all the spooky season activities. Last Halloween due to the COVID-19 pandemic Halloween celebrations were and have been put on hold but luckily for Torontonians the Legends of Horror returns to Casa Loma again!

Image Credit: @legends_ofhorror on Instagram

The grounds of Casa Loma have once again been transformed into an immersive theatrical experience, Legends of Horror. Legends of Horror is done in a presentational form that is known as “promenade theatre”, in which the audience walks at their own leisure on a 2-kilometre trail that begins at the lower gardens of Casa Loma which then continues through the castle’s tunnels and the deepest and darkest spaces that have never been open to the public.

Within this stroll, through the garden and castle tunnels, there is a combination of live performers as well as life-sized and large-than-life-sized creatures. Surprisingly, these animatronic creatures can be just as or scarier than the living performers.

A great way to create fear is in disorientation, within minutes of starting the trail you will have no idea where you are and where the castle is in relation to you.

If it is not the fear factor you are looking for, maybe you are taking the kids, it is recommended to go between 5 and 7 P.M. It is still light out and the version being presented is less scary. If scary is what you are looking for it is highly recommended to go after dark, the presentation is scarier, and the dark adds the extra spooky factor.

New to the Halloween attraction this year is a glass pavilion that is a bar and lounge area, especially if you require some liquid courage before venturing onto the trail.

Legends of Horror at Casa Loma do have COVID-19 protocols in place. Guest Screening/Contact Tracing, Masks Required, Physical Distancing. Proof of vaccination will not be required for Legends of Horror guests at Casa Loma. Guest would only be required to provide proof of vaccination if they enter the Glass Pavilion to dine.

It is recommended to purchase tickets ahead of time and is date and time-specific. You can purchase them onsite but those are subject to capacity.

Time to get into the Halloween spirit with a good old fashion haunted trail!

Published by HOLR Magazine.