You may know Anne Winters from binge-worthy shows like the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, ABC’s Grand Hotel, or her award-winning performance in the gripping drama Zac and Mia. Anne Winters has also appeared in smash hits like Night School starring alongside Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. This bubbly and down-to-earth celeb is without a doubt an extraordinary talent. We can’t wait to chat with Anne about her impressive career, and her most recent movie release Countdown which you can now watch in theatres!

Let’s start the interview with the hit Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” you star as Chloe Rice. How is this character like Anne Winters? or Different?

A.W: Chloe is a girl that prioritizes her social life in high school, which I can relate to 100%. She cares so much about what people think, that even when she is treated with disrespect she tries to hold it all together and put on a mask. In the third season, she makes a very grown-up decision on her own. I’ve had to make big girl decisions in life that have made me the strong woman I am today. I think most women can relate to Chloe in this regard.

Anne Winters

13 Reasons Why (2019), Anne Winters, Netflix

What is your story? Tell us about your journey leading up to your Emmy Award?

A.W:  Wow! Do you have a couple of hours?  Long story short, I had to work hard, first, to prove to my parents at a young age that acting was something I wanted to do and take seriously. Secondly, to prove to myself that I could take on any unique and different role no matter how challenging it could be. “Zac and Mia” was an extremely challenging project and I felt like I gave it my all. I am so incredibly grateful for the Emmy Award for that performance.

Zac and Mia (2019), Anne Winters, AwesomessTV

You star in the Drama “Zac and Mia,” following two teenagers battling cancer. How has this role challenged you?

A.W: I never knew how committed I could be to a role until I played Mia. The tears and the emotions were real to me and I will always have a special place in my heart for anyone that has gone through or known anyone that has been through the traumatic experiences that this disease brings.



You star along Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish in the hilarious comedy “Night School.” How was that experience? Were there any shenanigans off-the-set?

A.W: I felt like I was constantly watching an SNL skit between takes on set. The jokes would never stop! Tiffany and Kevin have a natural chemistry that kept things on set always entertaining. I think the producers could make a second movie solely with the BTS footage and it would be just as hilarious.

Anne Winters

Night School (2018), Anne Winters, Universal Pictures

In ABC’s series “Grand Hotel” you shine as Ingrid, a maid at the hotel who will do just about anything to live a life of luxury. What has been the most rewarding aspect of taking on this role?

A.W: Ingrid is a firecracker and such a fun role to play. I love being the mischievous manipulator on a sexy dramatic show! Ingrid is very different than any role I’ve ever played. Even though I don’t condone Ingrid’s actions, I’m grateful for them because it makes my job very enjoyable.

Anne Winters

Ingrid in for a big surprise in Season Finale of Grand Hotel (2019), Anne Winters, ABC

It’s healthy to laugh at our imperfect moments. Would you care to share some of your top socially awkward stories, since first trying to navigate the ropes of Hollywood Life?

A.W: There are SOOO many! I mean about the audition process alone I have stories for days where I was embarrassed or completely messed up my audition. One time I was so confident going into the room, and the minute I got in there I kept forgetting my lines. I even asked to start over twice and STILL completely ruined the scene. I ended up testing for that role, so the moral of the story is to never worry about being perfect because being yourself always wins.

How did you build the confidence to take your passion for performing and transform it into your dream career?

A.W: Good question – I have no idea! I’ve never thought of it that way, I was just dead set on becoming the best actress I could be. I am still pushing myself to become better every day. I think confidence is already there in anything you are passionate about and grows as you overcome challenges and big landmarks in your career.

anne winters

Anne Winters and Kian Lawley in Zac and Mia (2019)

Who are some of your influences and why?

A.W: I am influenced by people who remain true to themselves despite their success. At a young age, I was influenced by Miley Cyrus. “Hannah Montana” was the show that made me believe that I was made for this industry. I thought I WAS Hannah Montana haha! I also love Cara Delevingne. I think she is a perfect example of an artist that has pursued ALL of her passions and is still different and unique in Hollywood. I have gotten the pleasure to work with Eva Longoria this past year on the “Grand Hotel” and she has been a big role model. She embodies everything I want in a career long term. She has never stopped at one thing and has always been working and striving to be better and bigger in the industry, a true superwoman.

What is your method for bringing scripts to life?

A.W: I don’t have a certain method per se, I always try to understand their life and where they came from and put myself in their shoes. As long as I’m thinking like the character I can have the freedom to play.

Your recently released horror-flick “Countdown” is currently playing in theatres, tell us about this movie?

A.W: I love a good horror movie whether I’m watching it or in it. They are so fun! “Countdown” is about an app that tells you when you are going to die and people mistake it as a fun game. This role was very fun to play and I’m excited for everyone to go out and see it!

anne winters

Countdown (2019), Anne Winters – STX Entertainment

You released your single “Faded.” What other projects are you currently working on and what’s next for you?

A.W: Singing will always be something that I enjoy. However, acting is my number one priority. But, if opportunities present themselves I typically won’t let them pass by. Getting to work and singing with my boyfriend is a dream come true. Right now I’m focusing on Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why. but this industry is always changing last minute so if you ask me tomorrow who knows I might have a different answer! We shall see what’s in store next!

anne winters

Anne Winters – Instagram

Anne Winters is also set to star alongside Seth MacFarlane in the sci-fi comedy-drama series Orville. Watch Season 3 of Orville on


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