“Lips And Caviar” is luxury artist Max Jamali’s latest show in Toronto. And here’s why everyone needs to attend the art show happening at Sofia Restaurant on 22nd August (RSVP here).

Firstly, Max Jamali himself.

We love the guy’s work. In fact, we had the opportunity to attend his previous shows “Edge of Perspective” and “Dreaming in Chanel”. Needless to say, we were blown away by the elegance and craft.

Max Jamali with his work

Photo courtesy: Max Jamali

For those who don’t know Max Jamali, here’s a brief. He’s a mix-media artist famous for the use of luxurious items to create art. Oscillating mainly between Toronto and Dubai, he has held exhibitions in New York, Paris, and L.A. as well.

Now let’s see reason number two:

In contrast with other artists, Jamali’s work focuses on luxury itself as a medium. Diamond dust, exotic leather, Swarovski crystals; he uses them all to create pieces that scream opulence. If you’d like to see his extensive, expensive portfolio, it’s this.

And finally, reason three – Lips and Caviar.

Lips and Caviar poster

Indeed, a strange yet fascinating combination. A while ago, it was a trend in the beauty fashion industry. Now, we can’t wait to see Max Jamali’s interpretation of the trend and to feel its impact on all of us.

Once again, the show’s happening at Yorkville’s famous Sofia Restaurant and Bar on 22nd August. RSVP and get tickets for the “Lips And Caviar” right here.