Born in Taiwan, raised in Vancouver, and studied in Ontario, Lisa Wei has never shied away from adventure—and a good almond croissant.

The blogger started building her site while she was in university and applying to get into a competitive business program. By creating, she hoped her application would stand out against the other application. What she didn’t expect was the initial traction she’d gain. Starting with stories about her life and experiences, she began creating more and more content tailored to her audience’s preferences. Once she graduated, she began focusing more Instagram and YouTube, while still adapting content for her blog.

Currently, Lisa works full-time in marketing at a telecom company and creates content after work. She’s also made it her mission to try and find the best croissant in Vancouver!

As an influencer, you’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands was there a particular moment in your career that sticks with you? 

I remember when I got my very first contract, it was with L’Oreal Hair and I just remember thinking – wow I use their stuff all the time and now I’m working with them! Even now, I still feel this way whenever a dream brand reaches out and wants to work together. Most recently, I felt this with AMOREPACIFIC – I’ve been using their skincare for a decade now and I used to save up to buy their things. I don’t think this feeling will ever go away and I think it’s a good thing it doesn’t – it keeps me motivated and grateful for my opportunities!

Do you typically shoot your content by yourself or with a photographer? 

I rarely shoot with a professional but I either shoot the pictures myself with a tripod and a clicker or I’ll grab whoever is nearby to help me whether it’s my friends or my mom!

Any tips for posing?

Some content creators are so good with posing, I feel like I’m not as composed as some of the other ones. I typically like to take my pictures in burst mode and then select the ones that worked out from those. I find this also makes it easier for the photographer because they can just hold the button and you just move around. Less pressure on both sides!

Your favourite part about being an influencer? 

Honestly, the best part is reading comments and direct messages from followers. I try to respond to all the messages I receive—except the creepy ones—and answer all the questions.

It’s always rewarding hearing that my content has either helped someone or made their day better. Recently I’ve been sharing a few car products/hacks on my channel and since I have such a large female audience, we’re learning a lot together!

The most difficult part about being an influencer? 

Personally for me, I struggle a lot with the admin stuff. There’s a lot of emails that come through each day and my biggest goal of 2021 is to keep my inbox as empty as possible. Since I also work full-time, it’s also hard to time-manage sometimes since you don’t have the flexibility of doing your tasks during the day and sometimes I rely on the natural light for content so it’s more difficult in the winter.

Another difficult part is dealing with negative comments. I get a couple here and there and reading them is extremely unpleasant. It’s really important to have a lot of self-work and internal validation so the comments won’t bother you as much afterwards and not letting the feeling linger. I also see my therapist consistently and sometimes we’ll go through the cognitive process together.

The biggest influence in your life is who/what? 

My biggest influence and motivation are my parents. They’ve given up so much for me to have a blessed future so whenever I’m feeling less motivated or need encouragement, I will always turn to them. They are also the most honest, most authentic people I know and have always raised me to be true to myself and others so I try to emulate that in my content. Alas, the origin of the no filter captions!

Lisa’s Favourites:

Favourite skincare product?

I have so many! It’s hard to narrow down. I definitely use sunscreen everyday without fail. Recently—and I will preface that this changes month to month because every month I review different products on my channel—I’ve been trying out Caudalie’s Premier Cru serum!

Favourite hair care product?  

This was a recent discovery but definitely my Verb Curl Cream! This product has absolutely changed my life.

I also LOVE Kerastase Chronologiste’s hair perfume/oil—it’s amazing and works wonders!

Favourite Canadian brand? 

Definitely Mejuri for jewelry!

Most binge-worthy show IYO?

1000000% Friends. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like the show.

Favourite local spot? 

Since I’m in Vancouver right now, I love their sushi. I typically go to: Sushi Town, Sushi Garden, or Sushi California!

Instagram Reels or TikTok? 

I prefer TikTok because I find that people aren’t afraid to be authentic there. As a creator, I also love it because I feel less pressured to fit this “perfect Instagram aesthetic.” I can be myself EVEN MORE haha.

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Photo Courtesy: Lisa’s Instagram