New season, new patterns to fit right in for the fall weather. Lole is introducing a new line of fall workouts and athletic wear that has funky patterns and colours that make you fit right in with the cozy weather. 


Not only is the weather changing and the colours outside turning from pinks and blues to oranges and greens, but so is Lole’s new collection to fit right into your new wardrobe. 

Lole is a Montreal-based men’s and women’s athletic wear brand that wants to create a more sustainable future while inspiring people to feel good and look their best. 

In 2002, Evelyn Trempe created Lole after noticing a gap in women’s technical apparel and outerwear, and from there it became her mission to create clothing and outwear that was versatile for women to go out into the world and do what they want to do. Now, years later, Lole has become a global brand that has created both men and women’s clothing that brings on the mission to inspire mindfulness and creates clothing that is made for you, and your everyday lifestyle, allowing you to work, travel and play in clothing you can feel good in.

Lole’s new women’s fitness apparel collection is inspired by nature, we’ll show you a few of our favourites. 

Burst Up Bright Sports Bra- Midnight Garden Eucalyptus $75:


The burst-up bra gives you medium support, the high neck and cross back are both great for support while working out, but also add a little bit of funky fun to your clothes. As a matching set, the burst ankle legging is just as stylish with the pattern to match and gives you total support as it’s high-waisted, and has no side seam to interrupt the pattern. The leggings also have a hidden pocket in the front waistband for small items or your phone. 

Burst Bra Zhara Ecru $65:


The slip-on Zhara bra is perfect for the burst of energy, motivational workouts that are low impact. The comfort of the bra is perfect for yoga and walks or hikes, with built-in Eco Sweat tech you can feel good knowing you have support, and comfort on your side, and can even add in extra support to the bra for you. Another matching set with the high-waisted ankle leggings that give you continuity and comfort!

Burst Up Bra Takir Dark Blue $75:


The burst-up bra is once again for those medium support workout days, paired with the high-waisted leggings. The dark blue colour paired with hints of white and camel brown give this looks a very fall colour scheme. The geometric shapes and colour palette are a perfect combination and add a little bit of flair and diversity to your workout sets. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine