Lole has designed and introduced for the first time, the Ellie Dog Jacket. As the pandemic hit last year and production came to a halt, the lifestyle company wanted to make sure that they produced garments that can keep the waste out of the oceans and landfills. With that initiative, they created a dog jacket, so that you and your companion can match on your daily walks and workout routines. 



Lole was created in 2002 by Evelyn Trempe and is based in Montreal, Canada. In the early 2000’s Evelyn realized that women’s technical outerwear was lacking, so she took matters into her own hands, and created Lole and from then the Canadian brand became a global lifestyle. 

Now women around the world can not only find good, sustainable, fashionable and functional clothing for their everyday lives, but a brand that takes inspiration and mindfulness very seriously, and uses its platform as a way to inspire women to perform and be their best, in every aspect of life. 

Now, with the technology to combat those cold Montreal, and Canadian winters, Lole has once again expanded its collection into pet-friendly outerwear. The Ellie Dog Jacket is the perfect little jacket for your big or small mutt. The jacket is crafted from leftover fabric, insulation and trimming that was meant for the production of the women’s jackets. With the clever idea of using this product, Lole has repurposed 2,200 meters of fabric, 6,100 labels and 200kg of insulation that potentially would have just been discarded into landfills. 


Now, your pup can be cozy and warm for those winter walks, with their stylish new Lole Ellie jacket. The jacket has one style and comes in two colours, black and navy. The sleek design has zippers for easy leash access, two paw holes and a collar to keep your pup’s neck warm. At just $49 your pup can be stylish and cozy all winter long and it comes in 4 different sizes for your small pups to your extra-large doggies.

Article published by HOLR Magazine

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