How do I stay fit when stuck at home? It’s a question we have all asked at one point or another, but many haven’t decided on a routine or strategy that is going to make it happen. Given the global events that took place in 2020 and the ever-increasing time spent indoors, there are fortunately many tried and tested fitness routines and equipment that can help you stay accountable to your health goals. If you are sick of ending another day without getting your heart rate up, here are some ideas you can try at home.

Compact resistance training equipment

Resistance training is a core part of most fitness routines, and fortunately, you can do this with great success in the comfort of your own home. While some resistance training requires bulky gym-grade equipment, there is more than enough exercises that do not and can use a small number of accessories like resistance bands or a pilates ring. Resistance bands can be used when you are lying, standing, seated or bent over – with the bands themselves wrapping around furniture or your bodyweight. When you have resistance bands and other quality equipment, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to resistance training.

Weight training with household items

Not everyone has access to a full range of weight plates, kettlebells or hand weights – but don’t let that slow down your weight training ambitions. Buy using hand-held items around the house that have a bit of weight, you can actually simulate most weight training exercises that you would see in a gym with real equipment. Bottles of wine, canned food and other items in that shape and weight can add some extra burn to your workout, without you having to invest in equipment and find room for them in your home. Remember, it’s not about choosing the heaviest weight but doing more reps with controlled weight.

Online fitness resources

If you prefer a more guided approach to your fitness, then you might be looking for some fitness videos that will keep you accountable and exemplify the perfect form you should be aiming for. YouTube has literally millions of free videos that target a number of different muscle groups and fitness levels, with some of them offering a powerful 10-minute routine and others much longer and more gruelling. If you are new to this type of training, you will likely have to cycle through a few different channels before you find the right style for you. Alternatively, you can see if your local gym or studio offers online training and get a subscription.

Sedentary exercises

Just because you are stuck at home, does not mean you have unlimited time to workout – and most often it means the opposite. If this sounds like your circumstances, you might get value in learning some sedentary exercises that will allow you to work on your muscles as you attend meetings, study or conduct work from your desk. These exercises are quite low impact, but they go a long way in isolating muscles and building strength in parts of the body that might be unused during the day. A great example of a sedentary exercise is leg raises, which you can make more challenging still by placing something weighted on your feet to create some resistance.

Being stuck at home can be no fun at all, especially if you are committed to staying healthy and accustomed to attending the gym or exercising outside. By changing your mindset and approaching your exercise goals with a new lens, you can keep your fitness routine on track at home, and you might even find that you are more productive in that environment.