Longevity House is the first of its kind in Canada — a membership community focusing on mind, body, and spirit by bringing together the best practitioners and technology under one roof, with a focus on biohacking and plant medicine.

Longevity House

Toronto-based entrepreneur, Michael Nguyen, is best known for innovations in tailoring and dressing big-name celebrities such as Drake, Ryan Gosling and Jeff Bezos.  Michael Nguyen recently announced the opening of his new venture, Longevity House. Longevity House is a 9,000 square foot exclusive members club backing onto a ravine and has one acre of forest in West Toronto. Longevity House was founded from a dream to create and promote a broader awareness of the cause of caring for your body, mind, and spirit all in the pursuit of extending the human healthspan.

Longevity House

Founded by Michael Nguyen, a Toronto-based entrepreneur originally from the fashion and retail industry where he founded Garrison Bespoke and focused on innovation in tailoring. Nguyen has been experimenting with bio-hacking for a decade now.

With the $100,000 membership fee, Longevity House’s exclusive thirty members can attend monthly workshops and will have access to the top practitioners in biohacking, plant medicine, epigenetics, breathwork and functional medicine to balance mind, body, and spirit. Longevity House is home to cutting-edge life-extending technology, much of is only available in Canada through Longevity House. The Longevity House team has done years of research and trial-and-error testing to source the technology and combine it into a circuit to give members the most time-effective training and recovery.

Longevity House

Longevity House believes in two interventions at a time: weight training in an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) suit, red light therapy while balancing on a vibration plate, and AI-driven cardio alongside oxygen variability training.

Longevity House has a few trailblazing experts at their members’ fingertips including:

  • Giovanni Bartolomeo, founder of Elemental Rhythm and globally renowned breathwork and plant medicine specialist.
  • Urban Buddhist Monk Reverend Dr. Bhante Saranapala, a meditation and purpose-driven living and significance setting guide.

“We are creating a space for people to strive for health creation rather than disease prevention,” stated Michael Nguyen. “How you live every single day matters, and we provide members with a destination to access the most innovative and proven tools in one place to ensure a longer and better healthspan.”

Longevity House has a promise to bring the best of luxury, privacy, technology, expertise, and ancestral grounding in nature.

Nguyen and the Longevity House team also have future plans to open a few other locations. They want to open a midtown location at Yonge and Eglinton, a New York City location and a Miami location in 2022!

Published by HOLR Magazine.