Summer is the perfect season for bright colors, vibrant outfits, and colorful patterns. However, when the temperature goes up beyond bearable, assembling a perfect look becomes much more complicated. Wouldn’t it be too hot going out in these jeans? Won’t you sweat too much in this blouse? Isn’t this dress too short for the occasion? These and many other questions arise when trying to both look your best and not die from the heat.

Fortunately, with a few simple tips and tricks, it is possible to create summer outfits that will not only make you look good but also allow you to feel comfortable. Apart from choosing natural, breathable fabrics and avoiding clothes that are too tight, you can also opt for light-colored clothing, go for looser cuts and styles, and wear dresses more often. Continue reading and learn how to look and feel amazing under the scorching sun!

Choose the Right Fabric

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When the weather is hot, the first thing that you should think about is the fabric of your clothes. Not all materials are created equal, and some of them will make you feel uncomfortable, especially when it is hot outside. For example, polyester is a synthetic fabric that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, which means that it will make you sweat more. The same goes for other synthetic fabrics such as acrylic and nylon.

On the other hand, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk are much better choices for summer. They are light, airy, and allow your skin to breathe, which means that you will sweat less. If you visit Tripplo, you should be able to find plenty of discount codes from various clothing stores that sell clothing made of such fabrics. And if you want to be extra comfortable, look for fabrics that are specifically designed for hot weather, such as cooling fabrics.

Opt for Loose Cuts and Styles

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Another thing to keep in mind when choosing clothes for the hot summer weather is the cut and style of the garment. Clothes that are too tight will not only make you feel hot but can also be quite uncomfortable. Instead, opt for loose cuts and styles that will allow your skin to breathe. For example, instead of wearing skin-tight jeans, go for a pair of wide-leg pants or a flowy skirt.

If you want to wear a dress, choose a loose-fitting one instead of a bodycon dress. Instead of a tight tank top, go for a loose-fitting blouse. And, as mentioned above, keep in mind that it is not only the fit that matters but also the fabric. A loose-fitting dress made of synthetic fabric will not be nearly as comfortable as a tight-fitting dress made of a natural fabric.

Wear Dresses More Often

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Dresses are probably the most comfortable and practical summer clothing items. They are airy, usually made of natural fabrics, and don’t require you to put together a complicated outfit. Plus, they come in so many different styles that you can easily find one that will suit your taste and needs.

For example, if you want a casual look, you can go for a t-shirt dress or a denim dress. Or, if you’re looking for something more formal, you can choose a maxi dress or a midi dress. And if you want to show off your legs, there are also many cute mini dresses to choose from. On the whole, no matter what your style is, you should definitely be able to find a dress that will suit you!

Go for Light Colors

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Another great way to stay cool in summer is to choose light-colored clothing. Dark colors tend to absorb heat, which means that they will make you feel really hot. On the other hand, light colors reflect heat, which makes them ideal for hot weather. So, if you want to stay cool and comfortable, ditch the black jeans and go for a pair of white jeans instead.

Apart from white, light colors such as cream, beige, light pink, and light blue are also great choices for summer. And if you want to add a pop of color to your outfit, you can always accessorize with big earrings or a statement necklace.

Accessorize Smartly

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Accessories are a great way to add a touch of personality to your outfit and make it more stylish. However, when the weather is hot, it’s important to choose your accessories wisely. For example, instead of wearing a scarf, opt for a delicate pendant or a pair of earrings. And instead of carrying a large bag, go for a small one or a crossbody bag.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

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Don’t forget about your shoes! When it’s hot outside, the last thing that you want is to wear uncomfortable shoes that will make your feet sweat and hurt. So, instead of wearing heels or flats, go for a pair of sandals or sneakers. And if you really need to wear heels, make sure to choose a pair that is comfortable and easy to walk in.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Last but not least, even if you’re not planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s still important to protect your skin from the sun. Ultraviolet rays can damage your skin, cause premature aging, and even increase your risk of skin cancer. So, make sure to apply sunscreen every day, even if it’s cloudy outside. And if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sun, don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses.

In Conclusion

With these seven tips, you should be able to create summer outfits that are both stylish and comfortable. So, ditch the skin-tight clothing and go for loose-fitting dresses and pants instead. And don’t forget to choose natural fabrics and light colors to stay cool and comfortable under the scorching sun. Now, have fun and happy styling!

Published by HOLR Magazine.