Summer is almost here! Do you want the aesthetic of your room to match this warm and sunny season? Adding a mood board to your room is the perfect way to integrate some summer style into your personal space.

This article will take you through a step-by-step process on how you can build your perfect summer mood board.

 Step 1: Decide on a Theme

How do you want your mood board to represent summer? Do you want to focus on summer beaches, summer fashion, summer food, or all of the above? Deciding to narrow down on a theme (or not narrowing down) will help you in your search for things to add to your mood board.

Step 2: Select a Colour Palette

One very important, (and often ignored step), is selecting a colour palette for your mood board. Certain colours work very well together and other colours clash. You want to select a colour palette that you like, and it should correspond well with your theme. For example, a pastel colour palette would work great for a summer mood board!

Step 3: Collect the Pieces that (Might) End up On Your Mood Board

Now that you have your theme and colour palette, it’s time to collect pieces that align with the theme and match the colour palette of your mood board. These can be images, texts, pieces of fabric, or more! 

Step 4: Eliminate What You Don’t Need

Review all of the pieces you gathered that you’re considering adding to your mood board. See what pieces work well together, and which ones you can leave off the mood board. 

Step 5: Add Your Final Pieces

Now you have all your final pieces, you can add them to the board, and then you’re done! 

After following all of these steps, your mood board is sure to look great! Post pictures of your summer mood boards and tag us on Instagram @holrmagazine! We’d love to see them.

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