Being the daughter of iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber was always destined to make waves in the fashion world. However, she has gone beyond that, to an icon for her generation. We wanted to look at her street style, to see what makes her style so influential.

This look is very on-trend and is easy to replicate. Light blue jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and Kaia pairs them with some brown tones and black boots to create a simple yet refined look.

Sticking with blue jeans and black boots, Kaia adds a graphic-tee under a blazer to create an easy, comfortable everyday outfit.

A hoodie with a blazer is something that may be frowned upon; however, it is executed very well and is a very modern style. It marries smart and casual together perfectly to craft a modern outfit. 

If you’re going for a low-key all-black outfit, this is a great example. With a monotone outfit, oversized jacket and large sunglasses, Kaia aims to blend as she enjoys daily life.

This is a favourite outfit of mine. It encapsulates the off-duty model look of the 90s and there is something almost Parisian about its elegant simplicity. This is an easy to replicate outfit which can look incredible when done right.

Although Summer may be the last thing on our minds now, Kaia shows how to beat the heat as you get on with day to day tasks.

This is a great look which many of us can replicate with things already in our wardrobe. A simple black pair of Converse, black jeans, a white top. The accessories, fit and details are what pull this look together. 

Here we see Kaia wearing the year’s most popular accessory, the mask. Even in lockdown, she keeps things on-trend with an incredible varsity jacket and going for a simple, classic outfit underneath of jeans, a white top and white trainers.

Kaia’s style focuses a lot more on the whole outfit together rather than working around specific pieces. She seems very influenced by the 90s, and you can see a lot of this influence in her personal style. If you want to dress similar to Kaia, the go-to items would be a well-fitting pair of blue jeans, and the perfect white top. From there, you can play with outerwear, accessories, and details to hone a look similar to hers. For style inspiration similar to Kaia, check out the off-duty style of models in the 1990s.

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